The keys to building a wine cellar and wine list with the best of European wines.

The Accelerated Program focuses on the important wine regions in the Mediterranean wine basin. This class features all the major wine regions on the Mediterranean Ocean, including the historically essential ones.  From the Italian islands of Corsica and Sardina to Algeria. From the French coast to Crete. From Israel to Turkey and on to Spain. This is the essential class on European wines and their origins.

This program includes sections on Atlantic Coast (Galicia and Basque Region), Duero (Ribera del Duero, Toro, and Rueda), Catalonia (Priorat, Emporda-Costa Brava, and Tarragona), Valencia (Jumilla, Yecla, and Alicante), Rioja (Rioja, Campo de Borja, and Calatayud), Andalucia (Jerez, Condado de Huelva, and Malaga), and Central Plateau ( Madrid, La Mancha) .

A survey course and tasting of the major California wine regions, with a specific focus on the North Coast, Central Coast, and Southern Coast. 

Burgundy & Rhone Advanced Certification