Sommelier Certifications

National Wine School 

Founded in 2005, the National Wine School offers professional sommelier certification. Our programs are designed to university specifications and comply with state and federal rules. We are based in Los Angeles.

The Court of Master Sommeliers

The Master Sommelier is an English program founded in 1969. The program contains four exam levels. The first is a two-day seminar with a minimum work experience of three years in the restaurant trade. Sessions are held throughout the United States during the year. This is followed by the sommelier certification exam. The Advanced Sommelier certification can be taken only once the candidate has five years' experience in hospitality. The highest level is the three-section Master Sommelier exam. The pass rate is low.

American Sommelier Association

The ASA has their headquarters in New York City, but have locations throughout the states. They offer three sommelier courses. Their eight-week foundation course turns wine enthusiasts into wine professionals. They offer a winemaking course as well. Their third tier of program is a four month program based on blind wine tasting.

The Sommelier Society of America

The SSA was founded in 1954, and is the oldest sommelier program in the states. It's three month program is offered twice a year in New York City. The course is designed for restauranteurs, hoteliers, wait-staff, bartenders, owners, retailers and wine managers. They also offer classes for wine enthusiasts.

International Wine Guild

Food and Wine Magazine named this Denver-based school one of the best wine schools in the country. Programing is for both the wine trade and the enthusiast. Courses range from one week to three months. They offer three levels of wine certification. Along with its Denver campus, the IWG runs its testing at various locations around the United States.

International Sommelier Guild

Based in Canada, the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) hosts exams and classes in and around North America. Their six-month sommelier diploma program results in the recipient receiving a sommelier diploma. They also offer instructor training.  

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